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About Us

Wanna be Pest-Free call A & E........
A & E Pest Control is a full service pest control company.We will fully inspect your property before and after treatment, because we realize that termite and pest problems can occur on the inside as well as the outside of your home or business. We feel if you have a pest professional at your home without a flashlight you should send him packing. To inspect a home and/or business you must have the correct tools to do the job.

No matter what your pest problems are, A & E Pest Control is the company for you. We will work hard to solve pest problems in your commercial kitchens, industrial buildings and/or your home. Our number one goal, is you a satisfied customer, by working to solve your pest problems with the best and safest products available today. A & E Pest Control will stop your immediate problem as quickly as possible with the initial service, and will develop a maintenance program that best meets your needs and keeps you satisfied. We will strive to provide you with the highest quality service at a fair and reasonable price.

A & E Pest Control is fully licensed, insured, and continually trained to properly provide effective solutions to your pest and termite problems.
Let A & E Pest Control, protect your commercial and/or industrial buildings, and you will have no worries.  We are rodent specialists, with more than 30 years experience. 

Continuing Education is a must here at A & E Pest Control. Our technician is expertly trained and continues to take training courses to make sure he is up to day with any new info in the pest control industry. We believe there is always new and improved ways of solving pest control problems.